Hello, My name is Seksan Tunya .

 My nickname is Yo .


 I was born on 17 October. I am a student in M.2/1 at Hodpittayakom School. My GPA. Is 2.36

My daily routine start at 5 am to help my mother. My father works in early morning too. I got 40 bath a day . I use it for breakfast and lunch. There is a few money for my piggy bank at home.

I like to study Thai and PE. I can play football , Thai musical instrument[ a kind of guitar] . I think folk song make me high imagination. I enjoy with my friends and my classes in this school very much. When the class finish , I always help my mother keep cleaning at school [My mother is a school janitor ] and then go back home. I   have to wait my father go back home and then we have dinner together.

There are 4 people in my family   father , mother , grandmother and me . After dinner . I always do dishes and then watching TV. Or doing homework . I go to bed around 8.30. I think my family is very happy . I need to help my mother to make her more comfortable. My parents get salary around 4000 – 5000 bath a month and they have many things to use. I hope  your sponser can help me as much as possible . I thing I will use it for educational , stationery or something needed.

  Thank you very much to help me at this point

Regard   Seksan Tunya -  Yo

Julie, Seksan, his mother and Andy


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