Hi ,  My name is Pennapa Pok-ai.      My nickname is Neoy [means butter]

 I was born on 22 November. I’m 14 years old. I live in Jomthong , Chiangmai.

Now a day, I live together with my grandmother and aunt. My parents are separated. They’ve separated for 3 years. Now my mother gets new married and stay with her new husband. My father has passed away last December. So these reasons that I live with my grandmother and aunt.

I’m student in M.2/1. I use 20 bath in each day , there are for lunch meal 15 bath and snack 5 bath. I go to school by school bus. My aunt paid for school bus about 240 bath per month. When I stay at home I always help my grandmother to do house work.

My educational is not so good but I try my best . My health is Okay but I’m the shortest girl in M.2. I like to study Thai language very much . I want to be a teacher . If I could be a teacher , I would take care of my grandmother and my aunt. I don’t stay with my mother but I always visit her in another village every Friday.

I wish , I’d like to stay together with my mother. I need her warm hug. Since my father’s passed away, I have to stay with my grandmother and aunt. May be I’m not good in studying [ GPA -2.16] but I promise I’ll do my best. I want to make my mother proud in me.

Regard  Pennapa Pok-ai

Julie, Pennapa, her Gran and Andy




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