My name is Patcharin Kantatae. My nickname is Gift.

 I was born in 1998. I’m 15 years old now. I have got 1 younger brother. My father is farmer but he passed away last year. My mother is a general employee. They are divorced. My mother is a good lady in taking care of children. I must cook for breakfast then go to school. I do every housework.

On Saturday I go to learn more lessons at the church because I want to learn extra lesson and here is for free. On Sunday I must go for work as an employee to earn money. Some days I can get money but some days I can’t. I love English so much but I am not good at enough. I want to good at it.

Sometimes I see Teacher Jenny and Mike, I want to talk with them but I dare not because I can’t communicate. I like cooking but no one likes to eat. In the future I want to be a guide because I can speak many languages and travel many countries.

Regards  Patcharin Kantatae

Julie, Patcharin, her mother and Andy 


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