Nid's story March 2014

Nid was  a nanny at the orphanage where Julie volunteers, she had been there for many years and has two young children. Her husband moved away to work and Nid wanted to move with the children at the end of term so they could all live together as a family. Her problem was that she had no qualifications or way to support her children when they relocated .

After many discussions Nid decided that if she went to collage and studied too become a seamstress she would be able to pick up some work wherever she was but did not have the money to do this . Julie spoke to me and we decided that we could fund the course as a one off payment and it would broaden her horizons. Nid attended collage and would bring me her homework to show us how she was doing and learnt a lot . She left her full time job to be able to finish her course and with bits of support succeeded in her goal.

Unfortunately life does not always go as planned and when the time came to move it did not work out and Nid is now supporting herself and her children as a seamstress.

I am please to report Nid is now managing to make a living by doing sewing and her eldest son has just started primary school.

We wish her all the best and keep in contact now and again to ensure things are still ticking over... which they are

Nid with Tonkan and Lemon at Tonkans school where he nominated her as the best mum


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