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Phantasanja news                          April 2013

Its been a while since I reported in from Thailand. It has been an interesting few months.

As some of you might remember in January 2012 we started the remodelling of the house for the children of the Humong tribe to come down from the mountains to attend school. In April Bandekdee opened, offering a home for 14 mountain children giving them a chance of an education and a brighter future.

We are now a year on and as was always planned, we have set them up, got them running and have now taken a step back to allow them to develop under their own steam.

We are now looking out for our next challenge and trying to build up the funds so we will be ready.

On the adoption front there has been good progress, this year so far at Baan Kingkaew we have had three boys and a girl joining their forever families, two went to France whilst the others went to Switzerland and Finland. Viengping have had 3 children join their forever families in Australia and USA this month so far. These are just some of the ones we get to hear about.

I also had the honour of meeting a few of the parents as they came to collect their child and  gave them lots of pictures. I have also managed to meet quite a few prospective parents who have come to visit as well as some who have brought their children back to see where they came from.

Andrew was out in November and beginning of December and again for 6 weeks in January/ February, it was good to have him out here. In February we went to Macau and Hong Kong for Chinese New Year which made for a nice break after having a busy  Christmas period and all the visitors.

In April I am heading back to Bridge of Weir again for a few weeks to visit and see some of the people that continuously support our work over here.

We have also been building wheelchairs and supporting the local Rotary and foundation to encounter the potential of people with disabilities with their glasses clinic by making cases for the free glasses they are giving away. Andrew posted the instructions on how to make these cases on Facebook “Phantasanja Scotland” for anybody who feels they would like to support the campaign by making a few cases. A big thank you to the ladies of the Handcraft group in the Cargill centre who have started making these already. I will pop in for a coffee when I return.

Another new project we have been supporting is children at Hot Pattayakom high school in Hot.  Phantasanja in collaboration with Bridge of Weir primary are currently sponsoring four high school children enabling them to continue with their education.  




If you register on the below mentioned website before shopping online you will be able to help the children in Thailand whilst shopping Flash






   Phantasanja Scotland

                               October 2012

Hi again for Chiang Mai,

As the year moves on it s seems to be going faster and faster and here i am writing the October issue to keep you updated

Baan KingKaew is once aging open to visitors and volunteers and all are most welcome.  We managed to make it through the closure without any major illness and the children are so pleased to see visitors again

The children of group 2 and 3 had their first trip to a supermarket and thoroughly enjoyed the time out of the orphanage and were very excited. We are off to the zoo in a couple of week’s time and have booked to go to the Aquarium as not sure what the weather will be like as the rainy season has started so suddenly.

Have been to Bandekdee a few times to take visitors who are interested in supporting the project .On one of our trips we celebrated the birthdays of two boys. We all had a great time and it was good to see the children’s faces when we lit all the candles. Each child had a small present and a balloon and the birthday boys received a t-shirt. Looking forward to October when we have 2 more birthdays.

The children at Dor dek continue to make progress and the six who started school are also doing well. I continue to pop in every now and again and see how they are doing. They have now started sending outreach workers into the community to help the refugees

Haven’t had a chance to revisit the Disabled foundation, but their good work continues. I’m sure we will get there when Andrew comes over.

Paul and Mark arrived last week and it was good to see them again and show them where i live and what i am up to. The children at the orphanage think it is great fun to be swung around and have two boys to chase them and play hide and seek. They brought 6 ft trampoline with them for the children which will no doubt give them endless pleasure

They have so far been bungee jumping; drift carting, to the zoo, segway , plenty of shopping and eating Thai food ,so seem really happy. We will soon be going down to Phuket where we will meet up with Andrew for a family holiday.

Andy will be having a stall at British Legion on Saturday 3rd November. Come start your Christmas shopping and help the children at the same time

Till next month



 Phantasanja Scotland

September 2012

I can’t believe another month has gone by and here I am giving you an update about life in Thailand.

Paul and Mark will be coming out to visit this month so they will bring all your kind donations from “Twisted Willow” on Prieston Road. Thanks to Caroline as it is always good to have a collection point in the village. They will also be bringing out a 6Foot trampoline for the older children and it will be so good to see their faces when it is set up.

I went on a visa run to Mai Sai on the Burmese border which is something I need to do every three months to renew my visa. It’s a three hour journey to where you cross the border, have a look around the local market and cross over again to get your passport stamped with a new visa. The scenery on the way up and back was phenomenal but it was a long day. I have also finished my six week course in Thai language and understand a few more words and phrases; I think I will need a lot more practice.

Baan King Kaew is still closed and luckily none of our children have contracted foot and mouth, but room two had to be quarantined as they managed to pick up an eye infection which we did not want to spread around the other children. We had quite a few birthdays this month and it was good to see the children’s faces when they had their cake. Pai is now one , walking and saying a few words

Next week we will be taking all the children from Bandekdee on an outing with another lady from Hong Kong and we are looking forward to watching the children as they have different encounters and totally new experiences.

Paul our eldest is doing a sponsored bungy jump to raise money for one of the children who needs an operation to fix a severe squint in his left eye. If you wish to sponsor him you can do so through Pay Pal on our website and write Paul’s sponsorship in the comments Column. I will get a picture of the event for the next newsletter.

Six children from Dor Dek (Burmese street children) project started school in the new term and are settling in well. The project was very slow to start but is now settled and producing good results.

Hopefully by now Andy has updated the website and you can all see the latest pictures.

Thanks for your continual support. Till next month  Julie   



Phantasanja News

August 2012

Well where shall I start, we are in winter in Chiang Mai  and luckily not had as much rain this year as we did last year, temperatures are reaching early 30’s during the day and dropping to mid-twenties at night.

Andrew arrived for a visit in early July and we have been going around visiting all the various projects we support and assessing who needs what for the next few months.

Baan King Kaew has been closed to visitors due to the fact that there is a lot of foot and mouth going around, luckily none of our children currently have it but you can’t be too careful. Five out of our six new arrivals are still upstairs in the infirmary and making very slow progress, but unfortunately they come to us in such poor health we should be grateful they are still with us.

Porn and Egg are still waiting for their new parents to come and collect them from France and Finland respectively but can’t seem to find out what the holdup is. 

Bandekdee is flourishing and we have had a few kind donations through Pay Pal to enable us to take Manop and Ta shopping for bulk items at Makro and lots of fresh food from the Market. The children are now getting used to me dropping by for visits with different people all the time and probably think Andrew is just another visitor who comes with me. I am starting a birthday program so we can buy each child a birthday cake and present for their special day and all the other children will also get a small gift.

Jiraporn the director form Baan Vieng Ping girl’s home has now moved over to the boy’s section and a new director has been appointed for the girls. We have not yet had a chance to go out and meet her but will have to see what changes this brings.

Dor Dek, keeps going and the children who enrolled for school earlier in the year have settled in and have blended in really well. The remainders of the children keep learning Thai so they may be ready for the next intake in the hopes of gaining a place in the local school. Until they appear on a register somewhere they are a non-entity and as far as the rest of the official world believes they do not exist.

More pictures on facebook - Phantasanja and as soon as Andy is home he will be updating the website 

















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