New roof for outside area thanks to Gill


As the 1st dormitory at Hotpittayakon School was finished we did not have much left so erected a undercover area out of wheat we could find the  and it became the  outside area where they hung washing, did homework and ate their meals .

 As the rainy season started it became obvious the roof was not fit for purpose as the holes let in more rain than the roof kept out in certain places

Thanks to Gill  of one of our regular supporters generosity back home we were able to buy new tin for the roof and it was installed by teacher Bom with the help of some students




 Below you can see the roof and the outside area it covers , you can see the holes in the third picture

 Teacher Bom with the help of some of the students took off the old roof and replaced it with a new one

With everybody's help and Gill's kind donation , the work was completed within the day and a new roof which would keep the rain out was fitted

Should you wish to sponsor a Random Act of Kindness please feel free to contact us or make a donation . There are so many things that we can


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