Maelai Primary School,  May 2014



 Director Manoon Potawan (from Hotpittayakom School ) highlighted the plight of this primary school which had 241 students and  the teachers were concerned that they children were not wearing hats , The sun up in the mountains is extremely hot and ferocious so they were concerned about their students . He mentioned it to Mike and Jenny who told us about it.

 We decided we could help by buying hats for all the children so off to the market we went on a mission to find hats for the children. We did get some funny looks when we said how many we wanted but the local stallholders were very helpful especially when we explained why we needed so many . With the hats in hand we decided that it would be good to give each child a toothbrush, After lunch they all line up with their toothbrush and the teacher puts the toothpaste on the brush and they all clean their teeth.

We also thought it would be nice to take  hand knitted teddies for all the kindergarten students,(Knitted by the Handcraft group @ Kilmacolm in Scotland) - many thanks ladies, they bought a smile to many little faces today 


Below are some pictures of the children. I don't need to say any more , just have a look at the pictures and see for yourself what they thought of Jenny and Mike's visit . 












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