Julie went to Thailand                  Oct/Nov 2009

  After spending three and a half weeks at Baan Kingkaew orphanage in  Thailand last Oct / Nov, I still can’t  put a finger on what made me have to go back and work with them after only a half hour visit last April

What follows is a summary of my experience at Baan Kingkaew and Vieng Ping Children’s homes.

After my official introduction I was going back to the guest house when I saw Mai Ma who is a Buddhist nun that is in charge of the day to day running of the children’s home. She asked if I wanted to come in and help with the children as they could do with an extra pair of hands. From my first day till  my last I returned every morning and afternoon to help out with these adorable children who had been given a second chance and thankfully too young to understand their unfortunate backgrounds. For children so young they already had so much history but radiated such unconditional love.

In the mornings i would help with the 18 babies aged between 3 months and 1 year, they were known as group one. Caring for all these babies with just the two of us was quite a challenge. In the time I was there I was able to watch them grow and their personalities shine through as they got to know me. I watched Jack stand for the first time and developed a special place in my heart for him and King (a little girl).  My morning session finished with putting them down for their nap. Afternoon session started at 1 with feeding them lunch then on to the toddlers who ranged in age from 18months to three years.

A few afternoons were spent at Vieng Ping children’s home, 20 minutes drive out of Chiang Mai. There they have up to 200 girls.  This is where the children from Baan Kingkaew go once they reach the age of five and a half if they have not been adopted. From here they attend mainstream schools achieving some amazing results. They were all so loving and full of enthusiasm and with all that is going on in their lives they are so positive

I can’t wait to return and see them all again next March and introduce them to my family.

Julie Stewart

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