Jenny makes sheets

Once the dormitory's were up and running for the new students we went to visit and saw that they were sleeping on a mattress without any sheets on them. Jenny decided that it would be cooler if they all had a bottom and top sheet and get them all pillows. 

We worked out that we needed 6 meters of material for each bed to make each person a set so we went off to the market in Chiang Mai to get 24 different pieces of cotton material which we managed . Jenny then set to and made up all the bedding sets , THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK. Another outing was needed to go get some pillows . On Tuesday 17th June , Jenny and Mike delivered all the bedding to the students . They were all delighted with their individual and unique bedding sets.

Below are some  picture

    Some of the different packs


 Bedding on the bed, Jenny had to explain what the top sheet was and the kids though it was great  

Thank you Jenny, your not just a good teacher but a good seamstress and very kind person


Mike and Jenny handing out the bedding to some exited children

Nice group photo of the girls with their bedding, the boys must have gone to make their beds already



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