Cultivating life skills

Thanks to a kind donation from Narinder 

The dormitory students received everything they will need to start their own vegetable and herb garden. Seeds, soil, seed trays, hoes, rakes, shade cloth , herb planters, rope and various other items  including 3 papaya trees.

They will soon have a supply of fresh vegetables and herbs and will gain valuable life skills


Some of the items bough by Narinder and delivered to the children by Mike and jenny 

Mike out in the fields helping the children to get the land ready for planting

Thank you once again, your support is invaluable and I will update the pictures next time im out and the crops have grown


Jan 15 Update  

 In January we were up at school again and went to see how the veg patch was doing and to our surprise they have how settled in and working hard to keep themselves supplied with fresh veg. Below are some updated pics from the new established gardens. The children water the veg every evening after school 









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