2014  Dormitory at  Hotpittayakom  School


Towards the end of 2014 year the director of Hotpittayakom School decided they would build a dormitory to enable children from further away to come down to Hot to attend school and give them a better chance in the future.

There are some dormitories in the Hot area which cater for school children but on top of the rent the children need to find their own food and in some cases still require to pay for transportation to and from school every day, which all adds to their monthly cost.

The dormitories at the school are basic and reasonably priced for the area, they include some basic food and there is no need for transportation as they are on the school grounds. There are also teachers’ houses on the school ground so they oversee the dormitory as well.

As the new school year started and children arrived we went to visit and it became clear there were a few things they could do with to make their stay more enjoyable and pleasant, so after consultation with the children a few shopping trips were arranged.

Mike and Jenny visiting the building site


Soon the children arrived and 8 bunk beds were placed in the room to accommodate 16 girls


Basic cooking facilities were provided, a rice cooker and a gas ring , so we went shopping for a fridge and a water boiler  and food preparation started

Now with the kitchen sorted we needed to set to sorting out the dormitories, there were 3 in total


Two wall mounted fans were purchased and installed to cool the bedroom area

Next we needed to sort out the eating area , tables and stools were acquired

 and the outside roof was extended and we were all stations go

Food and some treats were handed out,

 follow the children's progress in our  Random Acts of Kindness section of the website, see the new bedding

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