Christmas 2015 Campaign

Over the last few years Phantasanja have hosted Christmas parties for the children in Thailand,

and this year is no exception.

Do you like the decoration i md   Now what exactly is this....  Who need a ladder to put up decorations

All were asking is that you sponsor a child’s Christmas at the cost of £10.00

This will buy them presents, give them a Christmas meal and let them experience Christmas as we know it “Thai style “

 Your £10.00 WILL make a difference 


                                     Send a cheque (payable to Phantasanja) to  address below


                                                       donate through pay pal on our website

                                           Below is a list of people who have donated

                                           1 - Gill Drain                                        £20.00

                                               2 - Doreen Polson                               £40.00

                                           3 - Lynn, Iain and family                     £20.00

                                4 - NIcola & John   McDonnell           £20.00

                                5 - Pamela Stevenson                       £20.00

                                6 - Claire Baillie                                 £25.00

                                7 - Cameron Milne                            £25.00


                                    This could be your name here ......

                                                                    Total so far £170.00

Thank you from

Andy and the children who are going to have a great Christmas


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