Christmas 2011

Well we are here again (in Thailand) and it is Christmas 2011




As some of you now Julie has now finished work and will be spending alot of her time out in Thailand supporting the various projects we are involved in and I will be joining her whenever I can.


We are currently out doing Christmas for the children of Piyawat and so far have had such fun doing shopping with Santa and having to set up his workshop in our guest house room to make up all the stockings to ensure that every child gets  one  as well as their present at Christmas.

We went shopping with Manop, Chu and Ta from Piyawat and it was such a pleasure watching them choose presents ( mainly clothes) for all the children , now and again we saw them looking at the price but kept saying if you like it put it in the trolley and so we went out for the whole day. Have a look at the photo album labelled Shopping for Santa and you will see what fun we had  buying presents for each and every child and adult who live there. We even bought all new crockery and lots of new kitchen implements including a washing machine, rice cooker, and other things that they lost when they had to be evacuated by boat during the recent floods.

Julie and I had a fabulous day and realised how humble and wonderful these people are. We offered them what we thought they would like and they would only take what they needed and we had to keep asking them "And so what else" and then they would look at each other and then tell you one thing till you bought that and asked again....


The story continues.........


All this is only possible because of the generosity of people

back home who sponsored presents for the children 




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