Jan 15 Chicken and Veg project update


 The Vegetable patch

 The Vegetable patch is now established and producing fresh veg for the children of the dorm at Hotpittayakom School. They are learning valuable life skills and thanks to Narinder who gave us the money for the  initial set up



The chicken condo

Thank you to all of you who supported our chicken project by buying us chickens .

They have now all settled in and laying very well, enabling the children to have fresh eggs every day to go with their veg. The surplus eggs are sold to make money to buy more food for the hens which has now become a self sustainable project and benefiting many people

Thanks again


 Jenny and Julie having a word with the hens

The hens in their new home

Fresh eggs ready for sale


This is another example of RAK form people who want to help and are able to make a difference


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