Bridge of Weir Primary School

May 2014 

Bridge of Weir Primary school


Hotpittayakom School

 Since we started with Phantasanja Bridge of weir primary school have been involved.


Last year(2013)  the P7 students had a Christmas sale and raised money

With the money they raised we refurbished the English classroom at Hotpittayakom School whilst the children were on holiday. Their faces when they walked into their new classroom made it well worth the effort

Thanks to Julie, Paul and Andy as well as  Jenny & Mike Anderson for all your hard work


Thanks to P7 2013/2014 for making this project possible

Some pictures below show the transformation. 


The old classroom and desks

The transformation begins

Classroom contents emptied out into corridor

First  we has to clean the walls and floor in preparation for painting

Most of the green had to go, it took a few coats

Windows needed cleaning

Celling and walls needed painting


Green needed a few more coats

Wow a white wall

New cupboards for the teachers

New table tops in place

You would not believe what a difference some hard work and a few days makes

White walls and new posters , all ready for the students to return from their summer holidays


We were also able to buy a small fridge for cold water and a projector to connect the computer to make the lessons more interesting


Thanks to all P7 in Bridge of Weir Primary for your support

 for without your fundraising this project would not have been possible



 The new academic year begins and students enjoy their new classroom

Thank you once again fro all your support from some very happy students


We have since done another two classes and they are all looking good



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