Baan Dek Dee

June 2014

There are now 22 children and they are getting ready to start another year at school. Things are still ticking over  





 January 2013 

2013  Bye bye and thanks for all your help, see aging soon  

The story

In December 2011 we were approached by Manop with the idea of opening a new children’s home for children from the Hmong tribe to enable them come down from the mountains to attend school. It was agreed that Phantasanja would help with funding the building but we made it clear we could not offer on-going support once it was up and running as we are only a small family run charity and cannot guarantee anything. It all depends how much we are able to collect.

During 2012 a lot of fundraising was done and the dream started taking shape as new bedrooms were built onto the house and the outside kitchen built. All the work was done by Manop and his wife Tukta, with the help of willing volunteers when they were available.

During the building process there were also trips up the mountain to various villages to identify suitable children for the project and find out who had the required ability to move into town and attend full time school as well as moving in with another 15 children that they did not know.

In April 2012 Bandekdee (House of good children) was officially opened and there were 14 children from the mountains and Manop’s two children. Over the next few months the children and the project settled and grew as people kindly donated items that were required. The children developed and settled into their new home, school and environment. The first day at school was exiting as they all dressed in eager anticipation of what lay ahead. Over the last few months they had learnt to speak Thai as they speak Hmong up the mountain. They picked up a good understanding of English even if they are still shy to speak it and learnt a lot about living in a city. A major change from the children I first met when I went up the mountains earlier on last year.

Mid- term break must have been so exciting when they went back home to their village to tell them all about their adventures in the big city. How they had made new friends and met so many foreigners. They got beds to sleep in which was a novelty and until November went to school in a sidecar on the motorbike. In December we managed to buy them a vehicle so they could all travel to and from school together as well as having fun making Christmas decorations and giving the children their first Christmas.

Looking at Bandekdee and comparing where we were at the beginning of 2012, Julie and I feel we have fulfilled our commitment as there is nothing else that they need at the moment to live a comfortable life. There are many things they would still like but that will take time to accumulate and through Manop and Tukta’s guidance we hope they go from strength to strength.

Phantasanja have supported the building of another successful project and we feel that they are now established enough to go it on their own. So we are off to pastures new and to find yet another needy project that needs our support to set up.

At the moment we have a few ideas on the drawing board but no major decisions will be made until we manage to do some more fundraising and prepare ourselves.

We would like to thank everyone who donated and to make Manop and Tukta’s dream come true. 



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