Christmas morning Christmas morning All gifts nicely displayed 145623577 Lets say thanks before we start 145623579 Ok lets line up smallest first 145623578 For Torfan a big pack of nappies and clothes 145623580 For Mickey new clothes and shoes 145623581 Thank you for my new dress 145623582 All i wanted was some lovely shoes 145623583 Mimmy got a new dress 145623584 I got a new rucksack for school 145623585 New shirt and jeans 145623586 I also got a new shirt and jeans 145623588 Back pack and shirt were on my list 145623589 New shoes all of my own 145623590 Soon to be looking good 145623591 Time to hit the weights 145623592 Dumbbells and a back pack 145623593 New soccer boots 145623594 A new coat as it is winter in Thailand 145623595 Mr Preecha got a jacket and a pooh bear towel 145623596 both ladies got a new bicycle 145623597