HI, I'm Apirak Yapom or Rak.

 I was born on 11 April. I’m 14 years old. I’m study at Hodpittayakom School M.2/2 and  2.91 is my GPA.

In my routine, I wake up at 5 am and go to school together with my mother, who a school/s janitor .When I arrive school I help my mother clean the school such as swept fallen leaves, watering the garden before the director is coming. I get 40 bath for each day. I use it for lunch and keep the rest in piggy bank.

There are 3 people in my family, my mother, my grandmother and I. My grandma is too old sometime she need to use walking stick. My father just meets me sometime.

 My mother is a school janitor. She earns 4500 bath a month .So it’s not enough for sure in each month. Before I go back  home , I have to help my mother clean school once again , taking care of garbage , watering garden , cleaning toilet. Some time I hand in some teacher and she gives me some tips.

When we arrive home, my mom always cook and I do laundry. After I have dinner I do homework myself and then go to bed. I do praying before bed every night. I want to be a good person in the future. If I have a chance, I need to study as high as I can. I will use my knowledge to develop my village.

 I promise, I will be a good boy, hand in school job with all my ability and obey my teacher and my mother

Regard    Apirak Yapom

Here are  some pictures when we went to visit Apirak at his house

Apirak with his Grandmother , his mother is the Janitor at their school



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