2016 has been an interesting year for Phantasanja in many ways.


Earlier in the year we decided that Julie would relocate back to Scotland after having a very successful 5 years in Thailand where with her help we managed to achieve some fantastic results and meet some amazing people.

Although we are now fully based in Scotland we will still be travelling to and from Thailand a few times a year to update and see what other support is needed.

We are in a fortunate position as a charity that each project we have been involved in or help set up has been done with the sole purpose of them being run by local people  and self-funding, something we are very proud of .

Last Month Julie went over to see the children in the Dormitory at Hodpittayakom School and give some gifts to students who had been selected to go to Australia for a trip of a lifetime. The trip was sponsored by Nerang High School and the Broadbeach Lions Club.


We can proudly report that all the projects are still in operation and running smoothly and we can take satisfaction in knowing that they will carry on and still help many needy children and families in the future

On Behalf of us all at Phantasanja we would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and may 2017 bring all you wish for. It is hard to believe that the Tsunami in Thailand in 2004 would have such an effect on our family and inspire us to get involved.Remember, every great project started with a small idea.

Julie having dinner with the dormitory students