2015 sponsored students


The Hotpittayacom School sponsorship program is growing from strength to strength. There are currently 72 sponsored students  here is a photo of the noticeboard at school showing the sponsored student and their sponsors . 

 It shows that people across the world do care about  them even if they don't all get a chance to meet them.  

If you look at the RAK (Random Acts of Kindness ) page you can see where some of the sponsors have sent money over to enable the children to go shopping with Jenny to get some extra essentials that they might need .




The children have regular meetings and  all conversations are translated by Teacher Nok or one of the teachers in the English department .

Over the next year teachers from the English department will try and visit each and every sponsored child's home and hopefully update us on what we can do to help the poorer people up in the mountains .

Sponsored children are encouraged to contact their sponsors even if it is a word or two on face book. Some who are not very good at English will send their sponsor a sticker or something similar to let them know they appreciate the help they are receiving .

Group picture of this years sponsored students


Phantasanj a as a charity with your support are this year sponsoring 4(October 2015 it went up to 6) high school students .

 Suwan Samaithapoat - Nick Named- POI and is in M5

Poi lives in the School dormitory as she comes from the village of Mae Na John up in the mountains where her parents are corn farmers and live with her younger brother and older sister

At school she plays Volley ball and enjoys listening to English music and in her spare time plays the trombone in the school band  

She has a GPA of 3.30 (out of 4)

Patacharin Kanatae-Nick name -Gift and is in M5

Gift lives in Hot at home with her mother who is a hairdresser and her younger brother

She would like to be a tour guide when she finishes school and last year took Chinese language as a subject at school. She likes to listen to music in her spare time

She has a GPA of 3.36 (out of 4)

Doaprasook Jariyadilok -Nick name -Daw is in M3

Daw lives with her sister and about 30 other children in one of the dormitories outside school as she comes form Bo Luang village up in the mountains where her parents grow rice and vegetables . She also has an older brother who lives at home and works with her parents

In her spare time she likes singing and playing Guitar

She has a GPA of 3.07 (out of 4)

Jariya Jariyadilok- Nick name -Na is in M6

She is Daw's older sister  and in her spare time likes cooking and watching TV

She has a GPA of 2.75 (out of 4)
















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