Summary of our 2010 Easter visit to Thailand


Thank you to all who supported us on our last trip to Thailand by donating items and your good wishes. It was once again an emotional but well worth journey


Baan KingKaew Orphanage

The babies Julie worked with on her visit last year are nearly all now toddling around and we spent many happy hours with them. Eight of them are now moving up to room two to make place for another 10 three month old babies who are due to arrive towards the middle of April.

Whilst there we also managed to meet other volunteers who were visiting and we are slowly building up a network of support from all around the world

Vieng Ping Children’s

We managed a few visits to see the girls at Vieng Ping and took the 60 Thai /English dictionaries which they requested as they previously had to share. We also managed to buy them another 11 bikes so they could enjoy themselves. Unfortunately we did not get to see their school as it was closed for summer holiday





HIV Section

We took lots of fresh fruit on each visit and gave all the girls a new fleece as well as hats gloves and scarves. Unfortunately the number of girls had dropped from 22 last time to only 16 this visit

Freedom Wheelchairs

One of our new discoveries this trip was Freedom Wheel Chairs. For about £200.00 they will purpose make a chair or walking frame and offer Physiotherapy to the person .This will enable them to a whole new life  

This trip as the boys were out we also managed to go to the Elephant sanctuary, Tiger park, Bungee Jumping (The boys), rafting down the river and zip lining through the trees on 34 platforms


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